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A cup of coffee vs. a can of soda

coffe vs soda

by Jeff on May 17, 2012. Updated May 5, 2012

Millions of people around the world would not complete an entire day without a drink of soda. Some people even consider it their main source of liquid intake rather than water which is highly recommended. To date, there have been numerous scientifically proven researches which have linked this beverage to several diseases like high blood pressure, weight gain and diabetes. In addition to that, a recent study conducted by the Wellness Institute from Cleveland Clinic claimed that frequent intake and having large amounts of soda in your diet may put you at risk of stroke, especially for women. More about coffee vs. soda

Some budget friendly tips on how to stay healthy

healthy tips

by Jeff on May 16, 2012. Updated May 5, 2012

The reality of today is that more and more people are having a hard time keeping their budget to a minimum when looking out to have a healthy meal. This and the fact that many career-oriented people seldom have the time to prepare their own food due to their fast paced lifestyle, and would rather go out to some fancy restaurant to eat their meals. But you can actually do something to strike a balance between your budget, a healthy diet, and your spare time. Read More …

Make way for some healthy and affordable bean recipes


by Jeff on May 15, 2012. Updated May 5, 2012

Are you out of ideas on what to prepare for lunch or dinner? Are you thinking of something healthy to cook for your family, and should be within the budget? There are a lot of affordable food ingredients that you can actually take advantage of; however, many of us often fail to notice them because our attentions are easily hooked by take-out meals, canned foods or the easiest way which is just to eat out. Perhaps it is time that you try some cooking in the kitchen after so long, and you can start with some of the most affordable ingredients; like beans. Read More …

Help yourself to a load of healthy and affordable recipes

affordable recipes

by Jeff on May 14, 2012. Updated May 5, 2012

Are you one of those stay at home moms? Kept busy doing all the household chores at home? Which never seem to run out? Not to mention wracking your brains out on what to prepare for meal times because you are almost out of ideas? And in all these, you have to maintain a monthly budget. If you are, then you can let the worry off your shoulders, this article will provide you with some very helpful tips that should be of vital use to you in the kitchen when it comes to preparing healthy and affordable meals; breakfast, lunch, and dinner for you and your family. It would not only save you money, but it would definitely be a good source of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and many essential elements to your body. Read More …

Easy to make healthy recipes at home

affordable easy recipes

by Jeff on May 11, 2012. Updated May 5, 2012

Very recently, many people have begun giving their best to keep fit and stay clear of all bad diet, fat-inducing carbs and other meals with high-calorie content; the problem sometimes is it is more expensive and too much of a hassle to try and stick to a healthy diet than giving yourself the freedom to eat all those fattening foods, which you can easily grab from a fast food chain. If you are whacking your brain for some affordable yet healthy meals that you can easily prepare or you can take out, if you are lucky enough to find them in a restaurant’s menu, here’s something that might help you with your dilemma – healthy recipes for dinner which would only cost you $3 or less. Read More …

Getting to know a healthier meal with vinegars


by Jeff on May 10, 2012. Updated May 5, 2012

Coming from ages past, across many civilizations on the globe, the use of vinegar in the kitchen has grown to secure a solid spot in our recipes. Vinegar has been one of the most widely used seasoning and preservative. Made up mostly of acetic acid, which when taken in required bodily amounts can improve the functions of the digestive system. According to some people, the use of this liquid dates back to the early Roman and Greeks who exploited its use about 50 centuries ago. Etymologically speaking, the word vinegar comes from a French word which means sour wine. But do you know that there are many kinds of vinegar? And each has its own healthy benefit to your body? Read More …

Things you might want to know about eating out

eating out

by Jeff on May 9, 2012. Updated May 5, 2012

Are you a working mom, you don’t have the time to prepare and cook for your family meals, and would rather drop by your favorite restaurant to order out? Are you living on your own and you just don’t like to cook? Well, here are a few things that you might want to know about eating out and what the places you go to do to make you eat more and of course spend more. Read More …

What you need to know about going vegetarian


by Jeff on May 8, 2012. Updated May 5, 2012

More and more health conscious people, especially those who are watching their weight are prone to switching over to a vegetarian diet. But what do we really know about going vegetarian? Generally, it refers to a form of diet which excludes meats and animal byproducts, meaning that only edible food from plants are consumed. Looking at its history and how it came to being can be traced back to ancient religions in India namely; Buddhism and Jainism, where followers of the faith adhere to strict non-violence laws against animals. The reason behind lies in the belief that man after death would reincarnate probably into an animal form of which represents how he had lived his life; and the core philosophy of not laying any harm to any living being. The philosophy was taught in many countries until it reached the Americas, but not until the middle of the nineteenth century did vegetarianism gain its momentum. Read More …

Sticking it out with meat glue on your diet or not?

meat glue

by Jeff on May 7, 2012. Updated May 5, 2012

Have you ever heard of meat glue? If you haven’t, then it’s a good time to read through the contents of this article and try to check your Filet Mignon the next time you eat in your favorite restaurant. Read More …

Gluten Free Diet: Why is this important

gluten fee diet

by Jeff on April 18, 2012

Gluten is a protein nutrient primarily found in barley, rye, wheat, triticale and products like; bran, couscous, bulgur, faro, einkorn, semolina, kamut, farina and some flour. It is a healthy nutrient to have in your diet; however, individuals with celiac disease are advised to stay away from gluten diets. Celiac disease is also called Celiac Sprue is a condition where the lining of the intestine is damaged from reaction with gluten. Even though a blood test can reveal the presence of anti-bodies against Celiac Sprue, an intestinal biopsy is required to properly diagnose the condition. This damage to the intestinal lining prevents optimum absorption of certain parts of food, and can consequently lead to bowel irritation, diarrhea, and malabsorption among other symptoms. More people are being diagnosed with Celiac disease, and this has resulted in an unprecedented familiarity with the gluten free diet.

Read More …

Everything you need to know about Pink Slime

pink slime

by Jeff on April 16, 2012. Updated April 18, 2012

Almost a decade ago, there was a pestering attack of Escherichia Coli on hamburgers. The federal food agency was desperate to remove these bacteria and prevent their debilitating effect on the human population. A South Dakota company came to the table with an idea, that raised and still raises some eyebrows today. They brought the idea that beef used in making hamburgers be injected with ammonia. The South Dakota Company had tried very hard to introduce a product of beef that had fatty trimmings. This product was initially made to feed pets and used to produce cooking oil. These fatty trimmings were vulnerable to contaminations from many sources, and this hindered their acceptance into the market. The ammonia compound added had proven to rid the beef of Escherichia Coli.

Read More …

Affordable Steamed Burger Recipe

affordable recipes steamed burger experiment

by Jeff on March 29, 2012. Updated December 25, 2012

affordable recipes steamed burger experiment

Steamed burgers have become very popular lately, probably due to the recent appearance on Man V. Food and other food shows. I looked at the different techniques of creating steamed burgers and decided to experiment with them myself here, is what happened.

Affordable Steamed Burgers

1lb. Ground Beef
2 dashes Salt
2 dashes Pepper
1 package Cheese
1 Pack Slider Buns
1 Head Iceberg Lettuce
1 squirt Ketchup
1 squirt BBQ Sauce
1 squirt Mustard
1 pack Bacon
1 Tomato

I started with 80/20 ground sirloin to make the best tasting patty. I also wanted to experiment with the filling so I used bacon, cheddar, asiago, and other various toppings such as lettuce, barbecue sauce, ketchup, pickles, and tomatoes. My plan was to create a couple different burgers, stuff them with cheese, and place them into my double boiler. The double boiler has a basket that sits up high to allow the steam a chance to cool before touching the burger. My first step was that I season the ground beef with salt and pepper.

Next I formed my burgers using my egg rings that I use to make egg sandwiches. These rings were perfect because they are nonstick, and they are the perfect size for a slider-size burger patty. I filled the inside of each patty with the cheese and sealed them with more meat.

Once the water in the double boiler came to a boil, I placed the burgers in the upper rack of the double boiler.

I steamed the burger for about 8 min., and knew they were done when the cheese exploded out of the sides.

Building a slider size burger is very difficult, especially a steamed burger. The final product, which is pictured here, did not turn out as good as I intended them to be. The meat had a very meaty flavor, meaning that these burgers were very focused on the flavor of the ground beef. That is why I’m very happy that I used high quality ground beef. But, with all of the extra effort that went into creating steamed burgers, I do not think that the steaming process was worth the end result. In my opinion, a grilling pan or barbecue is a better way to create the perfect burger.

steamed burger

Let me know what you think of this experiment, if I miss any steps, or if you suggest I do something differently to make a better result. Please leave comments below, thank you!

Yield:makes 4 burgers
by on MARCH 2012
Type: Main Dishes, American

Rating: 4.5 on 12 reviews, 46 votes.

calories: 480

Prep Time: , Cooking Time:

Total Time:

Affordable Turkey Meatloaf Recipe

affordable recipes turkey meatloaf

by Jeff on March 17, 2012. Updated December 26, 2012

affordable recipes Turkey Meatloaf

When I think of meatloaf I do not think about turkey… but my wife does so here we are. The gorund turkey is much less dense so it took more manipulating to get it to stick together. Once properly mixed and in the pan everything went great. Wife was happy, I really enjoyed the turkey substitute and brought some different flavors to the table.

continue reading about turkey meatloaf and how it makes my wife very happy…

Salmon with Balsamic Glaze and Vegetable Brown Rice

affordable recipes salmon bbq

by Jeff on March 17, 2012. Updated April 18, 2012

This recipe is very similar to the easy salmon recipe. The salmon is prepared the same way, seasoned then baked in the oven for 12 minutes. The main differences are the seasonings and the balsamic glaze drizzled on top. The vegetable brown rice is a simple mixture of frozen microwave brown rice and frozen mixed vegetables. I threw them both in a pan and seasoned with pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and liquid smoke. continue to read about this extra special salmon version…

How to Pour a Black & Tan

by Jeff on March 16, 2012

I shot this video as more of a greeting card because I don’t think anyone really needs instruction on how to pour a black and tan. Admittedly though, this was not a good poor as I stumbled in the beginning and the Guinness shot straight down to the bottom. Luckily it all worked out and separated nicely. Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Affordable Salmon Recipe That’s Healthy and Delicious

affordable recipes salmon

by Jeff on February 23, 2012. Updated June 18, 2012

I make this healthy, affordable salmon at least twice a week. My wife is always requesting it because she knows she wants to eat healthy, and with this recipe does not need to give up any taste. I usually pair this salmon with brown rice and veggies, tonight it was broccoli. I was very happy to make this for my wife tonight for many reasons, but mostly I have a blood test tomorrow and this recipe has only one seasoning, and no added cholesterol or sodium. Continue with this Affordable Salmon Recipe

Affordable Pulled Pork Recipe

affordable recipes pulled pork

by Jeff on February 23, 2012. Updated June 18, 2012

My pulled pork recipe is more of a quest than a traditional recipe. Its one of those recipes I plan on a week in advance, I go over the steps in my head the week that  I plan on making it, and I mentally (and physically) prepare the night before to make sure the effort is not lost. I know this sounds intimidating but the steps are not complicated, I am overly passionate about my pulled pork so I make sure I am at the top of my game when I make it. I have tried when I was not 100% with underwhelming results. Read More …

Affordable Steak and Asparagus Recipe

affordable recipes steak and asparugus

by Jeff on February 13, 2012. Updated June 18, 2012

We had my dad and JC over for dinner last night. JC loves to cook as well so when we get together we both try and bring something to the table that we have have put thought and effort into. She was bringing asparagus, fresh tomatoes from their garden, and dessert. I was in charge of protein so I stopped by the local market and picked up some thin cut bone-in ribeye steaks which are known to be very flavorful, but can easily overcook to the point of being chewy and tough. As soon as I picked them up I knew I had to use every trick in my meat prep bag to keep them tender – and here is the process.

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Affordable Brussel Sprouts Recipe

affordable recipes brussel sprouts

by Jeff on February 12, 2012. Updated June 18, 2012

I grew up with an artificial aversion to brussel sprouts because my dad loved them but I was always on the side of my brothers and sisters who were very much against them. Then many many moons later my friend Ryan made some roasted brussel sprouts that were simple, amazing, and had me in the kitchen eating all the leftovers.

This is a slight modification from the way he has prepared them but the general principles still apply – bake them for a not too soft center and a crispy shell. Here is how I do it.

Read More …